Chicago Christian did not have an official cross country team from 2005-2010 (although a club team did exist).

Some results are missing (cannot be found on the IHSA website).

*Advance to Sectionals

Year Girls Team Place Boys Team Place All Regional Honors (top 5) Notes
2020 2nd* 3rd* Anna Enderle (2nd), Gabe Kuecker (5th) Best combined finish from men and women in CCHS history
2019 5th* 5th*    
2018 8th 6th*   Julie O'Sullivan (6th) and Emily Damstra (28th) advance to Sectionals
2017 5th* -   Nathanael Rivera (16th) and Liam Driscoll (20th) advance to Sectionals
2016 1st* n/a April van Ryn (2nd)  
2015 1st* n/a April van Ryn (2nd)  
2014 1st* n/a Allie Boss (4th), Bre Kooiman (5th) 1st ever Girls Regional Championship
2013 5th* n/a    
2012 -     Bre Kooiman - Sectional qualifier
2011 5th*   Julie Kamp (1st)  
2010       Julie Kamp (10th) - Sectional qualifier
2008     Julie Kamp (2nd)  
2004     Dan Lindbloom (3rd), Keith Kosmal (4th) Chris McGary (7th) and Jason Burton (22nd) also qualify for Sectionals
2003   2nd* Dan Lindbloom (4th)  
2002   2nd* Dan Lindbloom (3rd)  
2001 3rd* 4th* Sandy Hoekstra (3rd), Pete Kosmal (4th)  
2000 4th* 6th    
1999 6th 6th   Sectional qualifiers: Esther Holwersa, Jesse Loerop, Holly Munk, Rich Warehime, Dave Boss, Andy Stoub
1998 5th     Sectional qualifiers: Kyle Kwasteniet, Nick Parra
1997 2nd*   Becky Gronendal (2nd)  
1996 4th*   Emily Hollender (5th)  
1994 3rd*      
1993 4th* 7th   Sectional qualifiers: Matt Post, Wayne Barkus, Chris Deckinga
1992 4th* 7th    
1991 3rd*   Amy Kuipers (2nd) First year for multi-class system (Class A) 
1986       Natalie Lazarra - Sectional qualifier
1985       First year with a full team; Natalie Lazarra - first CCHS girl to qualify for Sectionals